Geoff's Trains is a British specialist tour operator offering train journeys, train holidays and heritage steam train tours in Great Britain and overseas for
both tourists and railway enthusiasts. Also offered are tours that explore the history, scenery and wildlife to a number of diverse destinations.

Trains and Treasures around the world -
holidays for tourists and train enthusiasts

The Geoff's Trains portfolio of  tours includes Trains and Treasures tours where interesting train rides take you to places of historic, cultural and scenic
interest - a wonderful way to see Britain, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya on fully hosted holidays that are more personal
than most coach tours and more relaxed than independent travel. Our small group holidays normally run with between 16 and 24 participants and
many of our guests  return year after year.

Geoff's tours to
Austria and  Switzerland include a number of iconic train journeys as well as lake steamers and funicular railways as it explores the
picturesque scenery of these dramatically beautiful countries. There are many tours to Switzerland, but no others quite like this personally hosted
extravaganza. New in 2015 is a tour to
Austria that focuses on many of that nation's historic railways.

The United Kingdom and Ireland are well represented with the
Celtic Trains and Treasures, the England and Scotland by Rail and the Steam in
Wales tours.

Africa also features with the
Zambezi Explorer tour down the great Zambezi River.

For Railway Enthusiasts

We offer enthusiast tours especially designed for those who would like to travel on and photograph some of the world's best steam trains as well as
some that offer rare mileage. Geoff Cooke is recognised as an Africa expert, and it is no co-incidence that his steam and diesel charter tours feature
that continent. The focus in 2014 and 2015 will be tours to
Zimbabwe and one that explores the narrow gauge railways in Wales.

Passion and professionalism

Geoff Cooke owns Geoff's Trains and personally hosts his tours. This limits the number offered, but gives the assurance that you will be cared for by
the same person who planned your holiday and steered it to success. Geoff has been a keen photographer for many years and his tours offer
excellent opportunities for interesting, broadly focused photographic holidays.

Spanish delights

The El Transcantabrico Cruise Train and the La Robla Train roll across the historic northern part of Spain, visiting some of the best heritage and
scenery on the Iberian Peninsular in unforgettable style. The El Transcantabrico and La Robla trains offer something for everyone.

Al Andalus, is a broad gauge luxury train that explores Andalucia in southern Spain. This top quality service makes possible a visit to the well
known southern Spanish region in grand style.

Luxury or Lunacy
Owning a train in Africa
Geoff explains how his interest in
trains resulted in his building and
operating a main line tourist train
in Zimbabwe. Filled with
anecdotes from a unique
perspective. A light hearted story
about a career that has been
anything but mundane.

African Steam 2011
A photographic essay from the
African Steam season in 2011.
Featuring Kenya, Zambia,
Zimbabwe, Botswana and South
Zambezi Explorer
24 May to 07 June 2014
A cruise down the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers to see Africa's wildlife close up.
Completed - a great tour!

Celtic Trains and Treasures
09 to 23 July 2014
A small group tour hosted by Geoff Cooke. Ireland, Isle of Man and Wales. Trains, scenery, history and more.
This tour caters to railway enthusiasts and tourists with a great mix of rail photography, train riding, sightseeing and scenic locations.
Completed - another success!

Switzerland by Rail
11 to 23 August 2014
Explore Switzerland with Geoff. Travel across Switzerland by train, boat, funicular, cable car and postbus. Good hotels well located in delightful locations, ample
sightseeing time and room to room luggage handling make this the perfect Swiss travel experience.
This tour caters to railway enthusiasts and tourists with a great mix of rail photography, train riding, sightseeing and scenic locations.
Can be booked with the England and Scotland by Rail tour.
Tour confirmed - booking closed

England and Scotland by Rail
23 August to 05 September 2014
Travel by train around England and Scotland. Well located hotels, iconic tourist destinations and first class, luggage free rail travel make this the perfect British rail
holiday. A small group tour hosted by Geoff Cooke.
This tour caters to railway enthusiasts and tourists with a great mix of rail photography, train riding, sightseeing and scenic locations.
Can be booked with the Switzerland by Rail or the Steam in Wales tour.
Tour confirmed - Booking closed

Steam in Wales
09 to 20 September 2014
Welsh preserved narrow gauge steam at it's finest. Steam train charters, ride on 12 different steam railways and much more.
This tour caters to railway enthusiasts and tourists with a great mix of rail photography, train riding, sightseeing and scenic locations.
A small group tour hosted by Geoff Cooke. Can be booked with the England and Wales by Rail tour.
Booking open subject to availability

Spanish trains
We are booking agents for unaccompanied tours on a host of luxurious touring trains in both southern and northern Spain featuring the
El Andalus luxury train, the El Transcantabric and the La Robla train.
Multiple departures

Our 2015 Tours
Click on the tour for full details and prices

Zimbabwe by Rail
11 to 22 February 2015
Travel across Zimbabwe by rail, visiting most of the country's popular tourist destinations as well as seldom visited railway locations.
Tour confirmed - Booking open

Garratts in Zimbabwe
11 to 21 May 2015
Garratts between Bulawayo and Mbalabala, and onwards to Victoria Falls. British built steam still run by the railway that ordered them new.
This tour is ideal for railway enthusiasts and steam photographers.
More information here

African Wildlife Safari
17 to 29 May 2015
A fully hosted wildlife safari to the Chobe River in Namibia, Victoria Falls, Hwange Game Reserve and Bumi Hills in Zimbabwe.
This tour is ideal for tourists, African wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. A very exclusive tour, limited to four couples.
More information soon

Canadian Trains and Treasures
06 to 18 June 2015
A fully hosted small group tour to Canada that includes great train rides, magnificent scenery, Vancouver and the First Nation on the Queen Charlotte Islands
Booking open

The Grand Trans Siberian Express
05 to 19 July 2015
Travel from Beijing to Moscow by private train
Booking open

Switzerland by Rail
3 to 16 August 2015
Our annual rail tour of Switzerland with a few interesting additions
Booking open

Austria by Rail
16 to 29 August 2015
A tour across Austria by mainline train and preserved railways with time in Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna
Booking open
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