Welcome to Geoff's Trains. We are a specialist tour operator offering train journeys, train themed holidays and heritage steam train tours in Great
Britain and overseas for both tourists and railway enthusiasts. Our photographic holidays explore the history, scenery, railways and wildlife in a
number of fascinating destinations.

Geoff Cooke owns Geoff's Trains and personally hosts his tours. This gives the assurance that you will be cared for by the same person who
planned your holiday and steered it to success. Geoff is an experienced photographer and his tours are excellent photographic holidays.

The Geoff's Trains portfolio includes tours where fun train rides take you to places of historic, cultural and scenic interest - a wonderful way to see
Britain, Europe, the USA or Africa on a fully hosted holiday that is more personal than a coach tour and more relaxed than independent travel. Our
small group holidays normally run with between 10 and 24 participants with many guests returning year after year, ideal for photographers looking
for a holiday that works equally well for their partner .

Also offered are tours especially designed for those who would like to travel on and photograph some of the world's last steam trains as well as
some that offer rare mileage. Geoff Cooke is recognised as an Africa expert, and it is no co-incidence that his steam and diesel charter tours often
feature that continent.
Geoff's Trains
Exploring the world's trains and treasures
Holidays for tourists, railway enthusiasts and photographers
Photographs from past tours
Africa Explored
26 April to 09 May 2016
An outstanding small group tour that explores the wildlife, history and culture of Africa
A maximum of 8 participants fully hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Confirmed - booking closed.
Garratts to Victoria Falls
07 to 19 May 2016
Garratt charters across Zimbabwe. Excellent photo opportunities.
A maximum of 40 participants, hosted by Geoff Cooke and supported by an experienced run-past manager and Railway
Confirmed - booking closed.
The British Heritage Steam Railway Tour
25 June to 08 July 2016
Visit many of the greatest heritage steam railways in England and Scotland, and much more.
A maximum of 24 participants hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Confirmed - this tour will run. Space still available.
Colorado to California - Trains and Treasures of the USA
23 July to 05 August 2016
Explore the narrow gauge railways of Colorado, ride Amtrak over the Rockies, ride trams in San Fransisco and much
A maximum of 20 participants hosted by Geoff Cooke and an American tour guide throughout.
Confirmed - this tour will run. Space still avalable.
Switzerland by Rail
18 to 31 August 2016
Our annual tour by rail, lake steamer and tram across Switzerland with a new programme that also visits Germany, Italy
and France.
A maximum of 24 participants hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Confirmed - this tour will run. Space still available.
Germany by Rail
03 to 18 September 2016
Travel across Germany by rail, visiting great cities and fascinating steam railways. The perfect companion to our
Switzerland by Rail tour.
A maximum of 24 participants hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Confirmed - this tour will run. Space still available.
Tanzania Wildlife Safari and Zanzibar
14 to 27 October 2016
An African safari, with a beach option on the island of Zanzibar
A maximum of 12 participants hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Confirmed - this tour will run. Space still available
2016 Tours

Preliminary information
for Wales and England, and
Europe 2017 released
26 March 2016
The programme for our Wales
and England Trains and
Treasures tour and our Trains
and Treasures tour of Poland
and the Czech Republic in 2017
are now on the website. Prices
will be available soon.

Booking open for the 2017
southern African season
15 March 2016
The web pages for the southern
African season have been
expanded with more detail and
prices. Bookings can now be

Colorado option added to the
USA tour
09 March 2016
The part of the USA Trains and
Treasures tour that includes
Colorado and New Mexico can
be booked separately. This will
be from Day 1 on 23 July until
the morning of Day 9, 31 July.

Some 2016 prices adjusted
26 February 2016
In the past month Sterling has
lost ground against the US
Dollar and Euro. As some of our  
tours are quoted in more than
one currency it has become
necessary to make adjustments.
All new bookings will use the
new prices, but if you have
already been invoiced your tour
cost will not be affected by these

2017 Africa steam season
11 February 2016
Preliminary information on the
2017 tours to South Africa,
Botswana and Zimbabwe

Germany by Rail confirmed
12 January 2016
The Germany by Rail tour in
September 2016 will definitely

Geoff's book still available
Luxury or Lunacy
Owning a train in Africa
Geoff explains how his interest
in operating a main line tourist
train in Zimbabwe. Filled with
anecdotes from a unique
perspective. A light hearted story
about a career that has been
anything but mundane.
2017 Tours
Southern African season
29 March to 18 April 2017
An multi faceted African safari, with railway enthusiast and tourist options
Hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Booking open
The Trains and Treasures of Wales and England
28 August to 09 September 2017
Explore Wales and England's heritage railways, history and scenery. A great experience for both railfan and tourist.
Hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Preliminary information. Booking will open soon
The Trains and Treasures of Europe
20 July to 03 August 2017
Explore Poland and the Czech Republic's heritage railways, history and scenery. Pre tour option to Germany and post
tour option to Austria.
Hosted by Geoff Cooke.
Preliminary information. Booking will open soon
The Geoff's Trains 2016 Switzerland by Rail
tour is now confirmed

For a full programme, and to book - -
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