Mongolia for Photographers
03 to 13 May 2020

Mongolia: Eagles, Deserts and the people

A very exclusive photo trip to the famous Kazakh eagle hunters who will show their hunting skills with horses and eagles in
the mountain landscape of south-west Mongolia exclusively for us. Photograph the Kazakhs in their natural environment,
portraits and action shots during the four days of this extraordinary photo event.
Afterwards, move to the Gobi Desert where endless long sand dunes with constantly changing shapes and colours offer
almost infinite photo options. Local camel herders are available exclusively for portraits, and at night we will use the
incredible clarity and light purity of the desert for spectacular sky shots.

Sunday, 03 May 2020
Arrive at the airport of Ulan Bataar this morning. Our local representative will be awaiting to take you to your centrally located hotel. Our
schedule is based on the arrival and departures times of Aeroflot and Air China. If you prefer to fly to Ulan Bataar with the Mongolian airline
MIAT or Turkish Airlines, you may arrive one day earlier at Ulan Bataar or leave a day later. For these extra days we will arrange an additional
stay at the Mongolian capital (at extra cost).

After all participants have arrived at the hotel we will have our first lunch followed by a short city sightseeing tour which offers some
photographic opportunities! Meals: Lunch, and dinner. Overnight in a tourist class hotel in Ulan Bataar.

Monday, 04 May 2020
The Eagle hunter tribes living in the remote steppe region near the border to Kazakhstan can only be reached by a domestic flight with the
Mongolian airlines Hunnu Air or Mongolian Airways to Olgii. As their schedules have not been published when this itinerary went to print, we
will adapt our itinerary as soon as they are known.

Upon arrival in the remote Khazakh regions of Mongolia, our drivers and their SUV will take us to the hunters´village at the foot of the
impressive Altai moutain where they are hunting. We have arranged exclusive photo shoots with the eagle hunters for the next 4 days. During
this time the hunters, their eagles and horses, as well as their huts and tents are exclusively available for our photo group.

The Kazakhs in Mongolia cultivate their own lifestyle, the people respect the traditions of their ancestors who used to hunt smaller prey animals
with eagles hundreds of years ago. Thanks to our excellent contacts to the tribes we can offer really unique photo opportunities without stress.
Meals: Breakfast and dinner. Overnight stay in a yurt prepared for tourists.

Tuesday, 05 to Thursday, 07 May 2020
You may have heard about the "Eagle festival" which is popular in the western media. Local tour operators offer trips there and we have
participated privately in two of these official festivals as part of our preparation tours, coming to the conclusion not to participate in these
"Disney style events". Several hundred photographers gather around about 20 eagle hunters, there is complete chaos and the organizers have
limited knowledge of photographic light and location. There is no schedule, barriers are erected arbitrarily and disregarded consistently by
some "photographers". With about three quarters of the visitors come from neighbouring China: this means ruthlessness, pushing and
shouting. To offer a quality service, we decided to work with the falconers on a private event and arrange exclusive photo sessions with them
away from the public. The Eagle hunters start hunting at the end of October and finish in early Ma as it is too hot for hunting in the steppe in

During our days with the eagle hunters we are on the road with a maximum of 15 photographers. Our “models” have enough time to position
themselves according to our wishes and we can photograph impressive portraits and scenes of everyday life in the private tribal areas under
exclusion of the public. Beside the horses and eagles of the hunters we also photograph in the yurts for atmospheric pictures of the everyday
life of the hunters and their families. As we have been in touch with them for quite some time now, they now what we want and are patient
enough to give us ample opportunities for good images.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight stay in a yurt prepared for tourists.

Friday, 08 May 2020
We will be flying back to Ulan Bataar today and have not planned any activities at the moment due to the unknown flight times of the domestic
Mongolian airlines. Right now it will be a day to relax at the hotel, browse through your images and prepare for our trip to the South.
Meals: Breakfast and dinner. Overnight stay in a tourist class hotel in Ulan Bataar.

Saturday, 09. May 2020
Our drivers will take us to the Gobi desert using modern and comfortable all-terrain vehicles. Our destination at the end of the 300 Kilometre
journey is the long sand dunes of the Gobi, which are constantly in motion, taking on new forms under the influence of wind.
We will focus on shots from sunrise to late morning before a break for lunch, and return to action from afternoon to sunset. We will be able to
photograph the dunes and the bizarre landscapes from all angles.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight stay in a yurt prepared for tourists.

Sunday, 10 May to Tuesday, 12 May 2020
Beside the thrilling landscapes pictures we also have an exclusive access to the local camel herders who will happily provide the action for the
classic desert picture, either as a stand-alone shot or together with their animals: shadows on the ridge of a dune, portraits, the endless dune
ranges. In addition, we will look into the sky at night, the Mongolian desert has one of the clearest skies in the world.
On Tuesday late afternoon we will motor back to Ulan Bataar and check in to our tourist class hotel.
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overnight stay in a yurt prepared for tourists (10.+11. May, Ulan Bataar hotel on 12. May).

Wednesday, 13 May 2020
After breakfast transfer to the airport. The trip ends there with individual return flight home.
Meals: Breakfast.
If you like to extend your stay in Mongolia, do more sightseeing or have more photographic action, please contact us. Our local guide will be
ready to assist and guide you.
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26 September 2019
Tanago will operate this tour and Geoff' Cooke will accompany as your group manager if you book through Geoff's Travel Club using our
booking form. We will send the information to Tanago and you will receive a response from them.

Your tour will include  
  • Exclusive photo sessions with the eagle hunters in the Kazakh steppe.
  • Exclusive photo sessions with the camel herders in the Gobi Desert.
  • All photo sessions with a maximum of 15 paying photographers.
  • All transportation with local SUV and drivers.
  • Domestic flight to the eagle hunters and back to Ulan Bataar with Hunnu Air or Mongolian Airways in economy class.
  • 15 kg checked baggage on domestic flights.
  • 3 nights in a hotel in Ulan Bataar (3*), comfortable double rooms, private facilities, free wifi.
  • All other nights in tourist yurts.
  • Meals according to itinerary.
  • Night shots wherever possible.
  • Visitor and photo permits, entrance and permission fees.
  • 1 bottle of water per participant / day.
  • Tour brochure.
  • Experienced Tanago tour manager (German and English speaking), Geoff Cooke as Geoff´s Travel Club representative, plus local tour

Your tour does not include
  • Personal expenses.
  • International flights
  • Visa fees.
  • Participation in the tip-kitty to support our hard working local team. We will collect 15 € per day per participant (converted to local
    currency) at the beginning of the tour.

This tour will be charged to us in foreign currencies. Since the exchange rate of foreign currencies to the Euro (our invoicing currency) has
become unpredictable, and we do not want to burden the travel price with fictitious currency reserves, the published price represents the
exchange rate as of 15. August 2019. We therefore expressly reserve the right to price deviations due to international currency fluctuations or
any unforeseen price changes imposed on us.

If you are travelling alone, you can also book a "shared" double room. We will do our best to allocate you another "shared" double room
participant. However, if this is not possible, we will charge you the single room supplement. Should we not reach the minimum number of
participants, the tour can still be carried out with a small group surcharge.

This trip is organised by Tanago. Please book by 28. February 2020 at the latest.

Additional Information:
Above all, Mongolia is not just vast, it is empty, too. Three times bigger than France, its population is less than a 20th of the UK’s – and one in
three people live in the nation’s sole city, the capital Ulan Baatar. It is also know as “the land without fences”, but things start to change slowly
as the government (which is bankrupt) starts to sell huge pieces of land to private investors. The first thing they do is erecting ugly metal fences
around the property. Luckily, the areas we will be visiting are still unspoiled by this unfortunate development and you can see Mongolia as it
has been for centuries: an enormous landlocked country of green steppe, vast flat plains, intricately braided rivers, electric-blue highland lakes,
snow-licked mountains, dense pine forests and shifting desert is presided over by a skyscape of bold blue immensity..

Please note that the infrastructure of the country cannot be compared to Central Europe. Buses and road conditions do not correspond to the
standard in Western Europe. Our vehicles during our stay in Mongolia are modern SUV from South Korean/Japanese production. We may
introduce some of the old Soviet style SUV to you – it is a dying species in Mongolia and worth some pictures, too! Many roads through much of
rural Mongolia are not paved. Some “highways” are on the steppe or the desert.

Our hotel at Ulan Bataar is a good tourist class house with large rooms, hot water around the clock and an efficient and free Wifi. The yurts are
basic but functional. There is usually a wood stove in the middle of the yurt as well as a small washing facility. Electricity and electric light are
available in every yurt. Most yurt camps have a separate shower and toilet house but no connection to the world by internet, or even mobile

On our domestic flights within Mongolia we will use the Mongolian airlines "Hunnu Air" or Mongolian Airways. These private airlines serve the
smaller settlements in the remote parts of the country, they use modern ATR turboprop aircrafts or small jets. Due to the size of these planes,
the carriage of baggage is restricted: normally only 10 kg of checked baggage may be carried, we will get a permission to carry 15 kg with us.
Hand baggage is also limited, normally it can only be 5 kg, we can fly with 8 kg hand baggage.

We have arranged some very exclusive photo opportunities in this seldom visited country, both with the Eagle Hunters and at the Gobi Desert.
Our experienced photo guides have been on site several times and know the best conditions from their own experience.

Temperatures & Technology:
Mongolia is a windy country at any time of the year. The weather can change completely within a day and from day to day: from warm to cold and
back within 24 hours. Expect day temperatures between 10° and 20°C, but fresh, sometimes cold nights. You have to equip yourself with warm
clothes especially for the night shots. The sky is mostly blue and sunny (that´s what Mongolia is famous for) and it hardly rains. But the sun
shines much more intense than you may know it from home.

You need world travel plug (adapter) for electric plugs.

No vaccination is mandatory, but please read the health information about the country on the relevant pages on the net.

Immigration: Mongolia offers a visa-on-arrival scheme for most European nationalities, including the UK. We will provide all necessary
documents to you and the Mongolian government. If you are holding a non-EU/UK-passport, please contact us to see what entry regulations
are in place for your nationality. If you do not talk to us and your entry is refused we will not be held accountable for your failure to comply with
the entry rules.

Please also read the UK´s travel advise:

Welcome to the “Country of blue skies”!

Maximum number of participants: 15
Minimum number of participants: 7

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Mongolia for Photographers 2020
Per person sharing a twin or double room
4,970 Euro
Single room supplement (hotels only)
180 Euro
Include Beijing

If you fly via Beijing to Ulan Bataar it
will be possible to stop over for a
few days on your return journey
without requiring a China visa. Our
local Beijing guide will be happy to
deal with your arrangements.

Please let me know if you wold like
to consider this option.
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