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08 November 2017
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Registration Form

The Stars of Sandstone Festival will run on the following days in April 2019:

02 and 03 April:
Volunteer familiarisation and Geoff's Trains photo group

04 to 11 April:
The Stars of Sandstone international festival

12 April:
Changeover day

13 and 14 April:        
The Stars of Sandstone family festival

Geoff’s Trains Limited have been appointed as the general sales agent for all international bookings. We have had a long association
with southern Africa and Sandstone and are offering packages that include accommodation, transport from Johannesburg and back, as
well as locally, and entry to the festival. In addition, there are tickets available for special steam railway photo sessions.

To assist our planning and guide the Sandstone organisers on what interests you, please complete, without any obligation, this
registration form.
If you have already decided what package you would like to book, you can complete the booking form here.
If you have a question, please use the tour query form here.

If you are a tour operator, you are welcome to offer the Festival to your clients. Please contact Geoff’s Trains to discuss your needs.