Sandstone packages for active participants, their family and travelling companions

The Stars of Sandstone festival welcomes international visitors who wish to actively participate at Sandstone on the railway as well as other
disciplines, subject to approval and adherence to all rules and safety needs. Participants provide much of the operating staff for the railway,
vintage vehicles, traction engines and other heritage assets. If you would like to get involved and feel that you may have the required
qualifications and experience, you are welcome to make your interests known to the Sandstone team.

All participants must pay the Sandstone entry fee. You will also have to arrange accommodation, transport from Johannesburg airport and daily
transfers between your accommodation and Sandstone if required, these services are being managed on behalf of Sandstone by Geoff’s
Trains Limited.

There are different disciplines where you can contribute, but the most critical are the drivers, firemen and guards on the railway. They all require
to be certified as competent and safe and will be required to attend an assessment for three days before the festival starts on 04 April 2019 to
achieve this. The festival ends on 14 April and although it is not essential for all participants to stay to the last day, it is important that the railway
continues to be safely operated until then.

Some participants have expressed a wish to have their partners and family travel to the festival with them, we are very happy to accommodate
this. Single participants can choose accommodation at Sandstone where Cape gauge sleeper coaches offer acceptable, if not luxurious,
accommodation. The suggested option for accompanied particpants is a guest house at the nearby town of Ficksburg, offering pleasant bed
and breakfast accommodation for family and friends. This off-site option is also available to singles, but the Sandstone on-site
accommodation is limited to single active participants who will be required to attend before sunrise.

Geoff’s Trains will provide a coach transfer between Johannesburg’s OR Tambo airport and your accommodation at Sandstone or Ficksburg,
leaving OR Tambo airport at 12h00 on 31 March, 01, 03 and 08 April 2019. The coaches will return to Johannesburg on 08, 12, 14 and 15 April.
During your stay, the coaches will provide a transfer service between Ficksburg and Sandstone, with a service to Sandstone timed to satisfy the
early morning crew, another just before sunrise and a third after breakfast, arriving at Sandstone in time for the start of the festival at 10h00.  In
the afternoon, return trips will run before and after dinner. These coaches are included in your package, they will not be available to anyone who
has not booked a package through Geoff’s Trains.

Subject to availability, your Ficksburg accommodation will be at Imperani Guest House. Imperani have single, double and four bed family units.
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These prices and services are available to active participants who have been approved by the Sandstone Heritage Trust and their family and
travelling companions.

If you apply as an active participant in a safety critical role and your request is unsuccessful, you should be able to participate in a non-safety
critical role. If you are unable to participate because of ill health your Geoff’s Trains package will not be affected except for the following:

  • If you have Cape gauge coach accommodation at Sandstone, the use of that accommodation will be at the discretion of Sandstone.
  • If your package includes transfers and accommodation for the assessment days and these are no longer required, you will be able to
    transfer from Johannesburg to Sandstone on a later date and adjust your accommodation needs accordingly.
  • You will not have access to Sandstone Estates outside of the public opening times of the festival unless special arrangements have
    been made, such as booking the preview days or the early morning photo charters.
  • There may be other unforeseen considerations, but Geoff’s Trains and Sandstone will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you
    continue to enjoy your visit to the festival.  

Prices for arrival after 31 March but with a departure before 15 April can be quoted on request.

The prices listed here may change at any time due to cost increases or foreign currency adjustments. Tours already booked will be controlled
by the Geoff's Trains Ltd booking conditions. They are non-commissionable.

31 March to 15 April 2019
For accommodation at Ficksburg

US$2,830:         Per person sharing
US$   303:           Single room supplement

Your package includes:
  • Your transfer from Johannesburg
  • Accommodation at Ficksburg for fifteen nights, bed and breakfast
  • Entry to Sandstone for 11 days (09h00 to end of events). Visitors will attend Sandstone between 01 and 03 April at no extra cost as this
    is a training and certification period. The estate will not be open to family and accompanying friends on these dates unless they have
    been booked separately.
  • Daily return transfers between your accommodation and Sandstone
  • The services of the Geoff's Trains team

Your Package does not include:
  • Entry to the Festival before 09h00, except when on duty.
  • Entry to the Festival before 09h00 for accompanying family and friends.
  • Breakfast, other than at your accommodation.
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Flights

31 March to 15 April 2019
For accommodation at Sandstone

US$2,528:        Per person in a coupe
US$   316:        Upgrade to a compartment

Your Package includes:
  • Your transfer from Johannesburg
  • Accommodation at Sandstone in railway coaches. Sandstone will allocate accommodation, which may be shared.
  • Entry to Sandstone for 11 days
  • The services of the Geoff's Trains team

Your Package does not include:
  • Entry to the Festival before 09h00, except when on duty.
  • Meals, which may be provided by Sandstone.
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Flights

Other packages:
If you do not need to arrive at Sandstone on 31 March, but would like a package that fits in with other transfers between Johannesburg and
Sandstone, please ask for a quotation.

Breakfast is included at Ficksburg only.
Other meals are not included, there will catering outlets at Sandstone where a variety of lunch options can be obtained.
Light refreshments will be available throughout the day at Sandstone.

Coach transfers:
You will be allocated space in a coach that suits your needs. A schedule of coach departures will be posted on a notice board at the hospitality
hub and you will be able to discuss any issues or amendments with the Geoff's Trains team. The coaches will run to a timetable and it will be
your responsibility to ensure that you are on the correct coach in time for departure. There may be an extra charge for private transfers should
you miss your coach.

Sandstone entry tickets only:
Any day, between 04 and 14 April 2019

US$ 168:  Per Adult, per day.
US$ 101:  Per child under 18, per day.
For groups of 5 or more persons, please contact Geoff's Trains.

Your ticket includes:
  • Entry to the Sandstone Festival on the dates specified on your ticket. Gates open at 09h00 and close after the last event of the day.

Your ticket does not include:
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Transfers between your accommodation and Sandstone
  • Transfers around the estate (If space is available, these can be booked on the day)
  • Access to the early morning photo sessions
  • Any other services exclusive to packages offered by Geoff's Trains or other tour operators.

How to book:
If you have a question, ask us here. You are also welcome to phone Geoff on Mobile +44 (0)7752143657. UK office hours please.
If you know what you want to book, complete the
on line booking for here. You will receive an invoice and be asked for a US$100 non-
refundable deposit. You can pay by card via Paypal (no commission) or by bank transfer.