Travel and stay in style on South Africa’s legendary Blue Train

A very exciting feature for Stars of Sandstone 2019 will be the arrival of a special charter of The Blue Train at the event.  The Blue Train will be
departing Pretoria on 3rd April at 09h00 and will be spending 2 nights at Sandstone Estates, departing on 5th April at 18h00 for arrival in Pretoria on
the 6th April at 10h00.  Early booking is essential and you could be one of only 52 passengers to share in the experience.

This is one of the great luxury trains of the world and has the advantage of providing its passengers with a comfortable environment, excellent food,
and of course the ability to hop on and off a 2ft Narrow Gauge Railway which would be operating on an adjacent siding.  Many years ago when we
planned our railway, we specifically created a siding next to the Main Line Vailima siding on the National Railway Network Branch line between
Bethlehem and Bloemfontein.  That is where this special train will be staged.  The siding is being extended by Transnet, for which we thank them,
because this type of excursion would not have been on the agenda of passenger trains running between the two centres in the past.  In fact, there
was not even a railway station at Vailima, it was purely a commercial siding where wheat and maize trucks were dropped off and collected on a
regular basis.  Indeed, in Sandstone’s early days, we used to load up to 1,000t of grain a day on the siding.

Most luxury trains are enjoyed for what they are, namely a trip on a train, but ours has the added advantage of spending 2 days at a world class event
where there are any number of additional things to do.  When the passengers have had enough, they can go back to the Blue Train, relax, sit in the
lounge and watch the trains go by.  They can on a whim jump off and join a passenger train about to embark for the mountains or returning to the
main complex which will be a hive of activity.

There are only 52 berths on this train, so we do commend it to everyone who is considering coming down to Stars of Sandstone 2019 but who may
be concerned about the lack of 5-star accommodation opportunities in the area.

We believe it will be very attractive to our international visitors, particularly those who have time constraints.
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26 March 2018
Prices and booking information
The prices listed here may change at any time due to cost increases or foreign currency adjustments.
Tours already booked will be controlled by the
Geoff's Trains Ltd booking conditions.

The Blue Train package:
03 to 06 April 2019

De luxe accommodation
US$4,337:         Per person sharing
US$4,337:         Single person supplement
Maximum two persons over five in a suite. Children under five travel free (please ask about restrictions).
Twenty six De Luxe Suites comprise 8m² of space and either twin beds with showers (21 suites on the train offer this option) or double beds with a
three-quarter sized bath (5 suites). The suite is a lounge area by day which is converted into a comfortable bedroom at night.

Luxury accommodation
US$4,566:         Per person sharing
US$4,566:         Single person supplement
Maximum two persons over five in a suite. Children under five travel free (please ask about restrictions).
Three Luxury Suites are the premier suites and comprise 10.26m² of space. They have a Blu-Ray DVD player and either twin beds (2 suites) or
double beds (1 suite) with full-sized baths. The same suite is also a lounge area by day and is converted into a comfortable bedroom during the
night. There are 3 such suites available for this trip.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required by 31 August 2018 with the outstanding balance payable by 31 December 2018.

  • Blue Train travel from Pretoria to Sandstone and back
  • Accommodation on the train for three nights, full board
  • Entry to Sandstone for 2 days (09h00 to end of events)

Your Package does not include:
  • Entry to the Festival before 09h00.
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Flights

Departure from Pretoria Station
The Blue Train starts it's journey at Pretoria's main railway station at 07h00 on 03 April 2019 with check-in at the Blue Train Lounge. Boarding will be
at 08h45 for an 09h00 departure.  It is recommended that you spend the previous night in an hotel in Pretoria.

All meals are included, either in the Blue Train dining car (two sittings) or at Sandstone.

The Blue Train will stand within easy walking distance of Vailima siding on the Sandstone narrow gauge railway, which will be serviced with a
number of trains throughout the day. Road transfers will also be available between the Blue Train and the central hub of the estate.

How to book
If you have a question, ask us here. You are also welcome to phone Geoff on Mobile +44 (0)7752143657. UK office hours please.
If you know what you want to book,
complete the on line booking for here. You will receive an invoice that will explain your payment terms.

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