This season of tours coincides with the Stars of Sandstone heritage festival that will be held at the Sandstone Estates in South
Africa in April 2017. Our tours offer packages to steam enthusiasts wishing to combine this internationally recognized railway
heritage event with a visit to Zimbabwe’s Garratt steam locomotives, some of the largest steam locomotives in revenue service
today. There are also options if you enjoy fun train travel that fits comfortably into a holiday your partner will also enjoy - an
opportunity to see Africa from an entirely different perspective to the run of the mill wildlife safari. We call these less steam –
intensive tours an African Adventure, a comfortable and unforgettable exploration of Africa’s wildlife, heritage, scenery and trains.
If you are a railway enthusiast with an interest in spending most of your time riding on and photographing some amazing steam
railways, a tour has been planned specifically for you.

Click here for Africa's best steam enthusiast rail tour in 2017.

If you prefer to see more of southern Africa, your train experiences combined with a well-balanced adventure that will take you to
fascinating, scenic and historic locations in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia, the African Adventure tour
will be perfect for you.

Click here for an outstanding holiday across southern Africa.

These enthusiast and adventure options run at the same time, they come together to share many of the experiences, including
overnight and daytime train rides. This makes it possible to combine parts of both tours, on some days you can indulge your
railway interests whilst your partner enjoys a safe, exciting and fully hosted adventure.

If you have any questions about how to bring the various options together,
please let us know.  

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16 August 2016