Geoff's Travel Club
Planning your holiday just become more fun

Welcome to the Geoff's Travel Club page where you can send comments, share experiences and get some
great benefits when you book a tour.

A growing number of Geoff's clients have travelled previously and many have made new friends. Geoff's
Trains has run tours where every guest had travelled with Geoff before, something we are proud of and
would like to encourage not only because it reduces marketing costs and gives us more time to organise the
tours, but also because everyone's holiday benefits.

If you have not traveled with Geoff before, you can still join the Travel Club and enjoy many of the benefits
that include:

A 2.5% discount
on all bookings you make direct with Geoff's Trains.
Just join before you book your tour and then use the word 'member' in the promotion code box on the
booking form.

A further 2.5% discount
if you have travelled with us before.
The discount will apply to everyone booking with you, they do not have to have travelled before.

Early booking benefits
A price reduction on some tours if you book early. Make sure you read the newsletters!

Discounted pre and post tour hotels
At nominated hotels on some tours.

A newsletter
Normally once a month, we try not to annoy!
Included will be early information on forthcoming tours, useful destination information and travel tips.

These benefits apply to you and everyone booking with you.
They do not apply to bookings made before you join the Travel Club.
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