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Built by Beyer Peacock in 1953, the class 14A is an update of the 1929 built 14th Class. Innovations included self-adjusting
pivots with spring loaded side bearers. The front and rear bunkers were streamlined and fitted with spring loaded bolts to
allow for slight movement whilst running. A Hadfield power reversing gear was fitted.
The fleet was numbered from 508 to 525, a continuation of the remaining 14th Class locomotives which had been renumbered
500 to 507.

# 509 is preserved in New Zealand
General particulars (As originally built)
Tractive Force at 85% BWP
39,168 lb
Factor of Adhesion at 85% BWP& FWO
Maximum coupled axle load
13.57 tons
Weight on all coupled wheels
81.13 tons
Total weight of engine (empty)
102 tons
Total weight of engine (FWO)
131.67 tons
Weight per foot run over buffers
1.817 tons
Water capacity. Front tank
2,460 gallons
Water capacity. Hind tank
1,140 gallons
Water capacity, total
3,600 gallons
Coal capacity
7 tons
Rigid wheel base
8 ft 9 ins
Cylinders (2 on each unit)
16 inch diameter x 24 inch stroke
Bogie wheels
2 ft 9 in dia
Coupled wheels
4 ft 0 in dia
Roller bearings
Bogie wheels and eccentric rods
Connecting rod centres
8 ft 3 in
Steam and vacuum
  33.22 tons at 40.95%
No 10 Gresham % Craven
Piston valves
8 in dia. 5  7/16 in travel
Valve gear
180 lbs
Smallest outside barrel diameter
6 ft 0 in
Length between tubeplates
12 ft 0 3/8 in
Grate area
38.6 sq ft
Heating surface total
2,215 sq ft