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Seventy four Class 15 and 15A Garratts were built between 1940 and 1950. They
took the proven 16th Class boiler and mounted it on 4-6-4 frames with 4ft 9inch
driving wheels. This produced a Garratt with the capacity to operate passenger trains
at reasonable speed, as well as goods. All were built by Beyer Peacock, apart from
the final 10 that were constructed by Societe Franco-Belge, Raismes.

The National Railways of Zimbabwe has two working 15th Class Garratts, and
Hwange Colliery has three, with one or two in steam each day.

One of the original four 15th Class is preserved on Francistown Station

Another of the four originals can be found at Kadoma in Zimbabwe

# 398 is preserved in New Zealand

# 401 is preserved at Livingstone, Zambia
General particulars (As originally built)
Tractive Force at 85% BWP
47,496 lb
Factor of Adhesion at 85% BWP& FWO
Maximum coupled axle load
15.18 tons
Weight on all coupled wheels
88.14 tons
Total weight of engine (empty)
135.83 tons
Total weight of engine (FWO)
186.74 tons
Weight per foot run over buffers
2.022 tons
Water capacity. Front tank
4,250 gallons
Water capacity. Hind tank
2,750 gallons
Water capacity, total
7,000 gallons
Coal capacity
12.5 tons
Rigid wheel base
10 ft 6 ins
Cylinders (2 on each unit)
Bogie wheels
2 ft 9 in dia
Coupled wheels
4 ft 9 in dia
Roller bearings
Bogie wheels and eccentric rods
Connecting rod centres
8 ft 6 in
Steam and vacuum
Brake power (combined)
44.69 tons at 50.69%
No 11 Gresham % Craven
Piston valves
9 in dia. 6 in travel
Valve gear
200 lbs
Smallest outside barrel diameter
6 ft 4 9/16 in
Length between tubeplates
13 ft 0 3/8 in
Grate area
49.6 sq ft
Heating surface total
2,879 sq ft
Photo: Rhodesia Railways