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Thirty Class 16A Garratts were built by Beyer Peacock between 1952 and 1953. They are a modified and revised version of
the original 16th Class.
Fifteen locomotives remained in Zambia when the railway split in 1968 and those remaining in Rhodesia were renumbered
from 601 to 615. All 15 locomotives were refurbished and fitted with roller bearings between 1979 and 1980. This added
about 8 tons in weight, and also increased water and coal capacity where new bunkers were fitted.
Built for heavy branch line working, particularly in the copperbelt, their maximum speed is around 80 km per hour.
Not normally used on passenger trains, they were extensively utilised on coal trains out of Thomson Junction, with their
tractive effort fitting between the Class 15 and 20 Garratts.

# 623 is preserved at Livingstone, Zambia
General particulars (As originally built)
Tractive Force at 85% BWP
58,183 lb
Factor of Adhesion at 85% BWP& FWO
Maximum coupled axle load
14.64 tons
Weight on all coupled wheels
117.12 tons
Total weight of engine (empty)
127.8 tons
Total weight of engine (FWO)
169.18 tons
Weight per foot run over buffers
2.05 tons
Water capacity. Front tank
3,445 gallons
Water capacity. Hind tank
2,155 gallons
Water capacity, total
5,600 gallons
Coal capacity
11 tons
Rigid wheel base
13 ft 1,5 ins
Cylinders (2 on each unit)
18.5 inch diameter x 24 inch stroke
Bogie wheels
2 ft 9 in dia
Coupled wheels
4 ft 0 in dia
Roller bearings
Bogie wheels and eccentric rods
Connecting rod centres
5 ft 3 in
Steam and vacuum
Brake power (combined)
51.41 tons at 43.9%
No 11 Gresham % Craven
Piston valves
9 in dia. 6 in travel
200 lbs
Smallest outside barrel diameter
6 ft 4 9/16 in
Length between tubeplates
13 ft 0 3/8 in
Grate area
49.6 sq ft
Heating surface total
2,837 sq ft