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Geoff's Travel Club is a trading name for Geoff's Trains
, a company registered in England and Wales.
Reg No 5639059

A wealth of experience
Geoff hosts most tours, you travel with the owner of the
business who can normally deal with any difficulties that may
arise. With over 30 years in the railway tourism business,
Geoff brings to every tour a wealth of experience.

This website is our brochure. It can be corrected and
enhanced as we receive new information and feedback.

Printed brochures cost money and with the small number of
tours that we offer the cost per person travelling would be
high. We believe that this is not an expense you should have
to cover and so we do not offer a printed brochure. On request,
we are happy to send you printed literature related to any
specific tours but are unable to respond positively to general
brochure requests.

Two types of tour
railway enthusiast tours offer opportunities to experience
and photograph interesting steam trains. Some of these tours
travel to remote locations well away from the normal tourist
routes, whilst others include visits for tourists as well as
enthusiasts to areas that are often overlooked by mainstream
tour operators.
Trains and Treasures tours will appeal to anyone
interested in a few train rides alongside a more
comprehensive visit to the destination. They normally run with
between 10 and 25 guests, both men and women, of which
about two thirds are couples. The tours include a balance of
visits to well known tourist locations, some more unusual
activities not always possible with larger groups and a well
planned selection of train rides that complement the other

Our tours vary from just a few days to 20 days. On most of
them you have the option to join the full tour, or just the days
that interest you. We can arrange extra nights if you wish to
extend your stay. Singles are welcome, a supplement is
required to cover the additional hotel costs, but room shares
can often be arranged.

Getting there
We do not include flights. Our guests come from many
different countries and it would be impractical to do so. We
can offer the names of agents close to you who can assist if
you prefer an inclusive package with relevant financial

We use good quality hotels, normally three and four star and
always en-suite. We want you to have an enjoyable stay at
hotels that offer good value for money.